Project Introduction

[Hydrofluoric Acid HF 40%~70%]

Application: Used in the atomic energy industry, fluoride, fluoride, can also be used as catalyst, fluoride, etc Used in the manufacture of organic or inorganic fluoride is used in stainless steel, nonferrous metal pickling, glass grinding, and pickling,

Hydrofluoric Acid

Molecular formula: HF    Molecular weight: 20.01

Cas NO.: 7664-39-3          UN NO.: 1790

Capacity: 500ton/month

Packing: 20L/drum, 200L/drum or IBC tank

Hydrofluoric Acid (%)


Fluorosilicic Acid (as H2SiF6, %)


Sulphuric  Acid(as H2SO4 , %)