Hydrofluoric acid prices fell by 25% in last two month

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According to the monitoring of the business agency, the price of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid in China has fallen sharply since the end of March, down for two consecutive months. The price on March 28 was 11520 yuan / ton, down to 8580 yuan / ton on May 28, down 25.52% in two months.

In recent months, the price of hydrofluoric acid in China has been constantly decreasing. Up to now, the mainstream price of hydrofluoric acid negotiated by various regions in China is 7500-8500 yuan / ton. The demand for hydrofluoric acid in China is not good, and the price in the domestic market has been greatly reduced, which is mainly the result of the joint influence of the major negative factors in the field. The main negative factors are as follows:

First, the market price of fluorite, the raw material of hydrofluoric acid, fell sharply by 22.52% in two months. The price of domestic fluorite dropped from 3355.56 yuan / ton to 2600 yuan / ton. During this period, the supply of domestic fluorite increased, but the market price of fluorite was not good. The price of fluorite fell sharply. The collapse of upstream cost price had a negative impact on the market of hydrofluoric acid. The market price of hydrofluoric acid was affected The sound drops sharply.

Second, affected by public health events, the domestic refrigerant industry demand is poor. On the one hand, the domestic demand is not good, the refrigerant industry starts to maintain less than 30%, which is not good for the upstream hydrofluoric acid market demand. On the other hand, the export of refrigerants in the past two months has been limited to a certain extent, and the domestic safety and health time is serious. The economy of overseas enterprises has just started to resume work, and the export of refrigerants has declined sharply, resulting in the low price of domestic refrigerants industry. In the past two months, the price of refrigerant products has been lower. As of 28, the price of R22 products in China was 14833.33 yuan / ton, a decrease of 19.09% in two months; the price of R134a was 18833.33 yuan / ton, a decrease of 17.52%. In recent years, the sales of automobile industry is in a downturn, the market price of refrigerant downstream of the terminal is significantly lower, foreign special events are serious, the export of refrigerant terminal is not smooth, in addition to the low start of domestic air conditioning industry, and the demand for maintenance and after-sales is weak. Overall, domestic and foreign demand are not as expected. The price of refrigerants dropped sharply. In addition, the purchase of downstream industries was not active, the demand was poor, the price of refrigerants was low, and the price of hydrofluoric acid market was affected by the bad news.

Third, the domestic spot supply of hydrofluoric acid is sufficient, the operation of hydrofluoric acid plants in the field is stable, and the market price of hydrofluoric acid continues to decline. Up to now, the mainstream of hydrofluoric acid negotiation in the southern region is 7500-8000 yuan / ton, and the price of hydrofluoric acid in the northern market is 7500-8500 yuan / ton. In recent years, the price trend of domestic hydrofluoric acid market has maintained a low level, and some manufacturers have reported a serious loss. The market of hydrofluoric acid is stacked with negative market, and the market price of hydrofluoric acid has reached a new low in the year.

On the whole, affected by various negative factors, the price of hydrofluoric acid in the domestic market has fallen sharply, but in recent years, businesses in the fluorite market have reported an increase in enquiries, and the price of fluorite market has begun to pick up. In addition, the price of R22 has risen slightly in recent years, and the price rise of upstream raw materials market will be a good support for the market of hydrofluoric acid. Chen Ling, an hydrofluoric acid analyst at the business association, believes that the price of hydrofluoric acid in the market or It will bounce off the bottom.